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These stocks can give you 100% return in Six months.

Dear Investors,

Our market has performed worst in last two months & in process of bottoming out.Nobody is sure whether it has seen bottom or not.One should start looking at investing now as quality stocks are available at cheap.

Here are the list of stocks which can give you upto 100% returns in Six months.


These are fundamentally good stocks which would give you decent returns in long term.

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Saturday, November 10, 2007


This DIWALI, may the SCRIP called life pay you DIVIDENDS of joy, issue a liberal BONUS of good fortune, you get all the RIGHTS to enjoy Life. Your Success reaches ALL TIME HIGHS, let there be no CORRECTION in your happiness & let the SUPPORT of our good wishes, help you cross the RESISTANCE of prosperity.

You can buy some or buy all of them, but be assured that this shopping will only make you richer. So go on, keep a target of atleast 12 months and take your pick. Brighten your Diwali with these new jewels in your portfolio. Happy shopping!


A PSU, it is the country’s principal electric power transmission company, owning inter-state and inter-regional electric power transmission system. The company owns and operates 61,875 circuit kilometers of electrical transmission lines and 106 electrical sub-stations. In FY 07, the company transmitted about 29,800 crore units of electricity, which represents 45% of power generated in the country.

The company is now eyeing up to 20% stake in Philippines' transmission company, estimated to cost $800 million, whose total valuation is being estimated at $4 billion. If the company gets this stake, it will be able to get 18% returns per annum, against 14-15 per cent in the country. The company is also setting up an office for consultancy services in Dubai, which is expected to cater to the needs of the entire Middle Eastern region.

Power is one of the biggest necessities of India and given the current pace of growth in the country, it would be no exaggeration to say that India is a “power starved” country. Power Grid is thus poised to cash-in on this huge market. A rock solid company, it is one power stock which once should surely have in the portfolio.


A part of the LMW group, the company is engaged in the manufacture of all types of switchgears and currently has a capacity of 4 lakh switchgears, 5,000 Control Panels and 400 Tonnes of Plastic Components per annum. The company also has captive power by way of Wind Mill of 2.90 MW.

Financial performance for H1 ending September 07 has also been exemplary. FY08 is likely to have net sales of Rs.95 crore, PBT of Rs.20 crore and PAT of Rs.12.30 crore, resulting in an EPS of Rs.50 on tiny equity of Rs.2.46 crore. The biggest positive factor in favour of the company is that, on a standalone basis, the company is virtually debt free, as debt of Rs.20 crore has net current assets of Rs.26 crore.

The share is now ruling at a PE ratio of less than 10 times, based on FY 08 EPS. Share has potential to touch four digit mark in the next 12 months. So don’t forget to include this stock in your portfolio when you do the Lakshmi pooja for Diwali.

DLF (Rs.915.)

The real estate company which, through its IPO, trailblazed itself into the big league and earned the promoter, K.P Singh a place amongst the richest men in India, is today a great stock in the portfolio. Maybe, it could turn your fortunes around also, like how it did for Mr.Singh!

After the mega IPO of DLF, the company is now truly into the big league. In real estate, the most important thing today is the brand name, a reputation. And that is what probably the biggest asset and a huge plus which DLF has. The sheer money and the brand power which the company has today will take it way ahead from there.

The company has posted very good results for the first half of the current year and with the kind of orders which the company currently has under its belt, the going will only get better. Its biggest project is undoubtedly development of the ‘New Bangalore’ in Bidadi, which has a potential value creation of approx. Rs. 50,000 crore. It acquired 38 acre land in Central Delhi for an integrated development, with a potential value creation in excess of Rs 10,000 crore. It also launched two IT SEZs in Gandhinagar and Nagpur; and second IT Park in Kolkatta. It is getting into hospitality business in a big way and for the hotels, acquired 39 sites, of which, 19 projects are under various phases of development.

Irrespective of whether or not you buy a DLF property, do buy this stock. It could prove to be your great asset for the future.


Now what do you say an evergreen blue chip like L&T? A stock which has earned profits spread over generations, even today, in this ever changing world, this is one stock which continues to remain sound.

Again, in terms of growth rate of India, the capital goods sector is also one such sector which is doing extremely well. Given the pace of economic growth and building of infrastructure at break neck speed, the capital goods sector is poised to do very well. And when we talk of capital goods, can there be anyone better than L&T? The company caters to the needs of not just India but has also formed various joint ventures, with companies all over the world. For the first half of the current year, customer order inflow was at Rs. 17,428 crore, which is an increase of 30% over the corresponding period of previous year.

The fundamentals in the economy continue to support the strong growth trajectory of the capital

goods sector with robust investments in infrastructure, power, hydrocarbon and minerals & metal

sectors. On the back of strong oil prices, the Middle East region is expected to further ramp up investment in oil & gas production and distribution facilities. Given the favourable investment climate, L&T is expected to benefit immensely from the order flows from these sectors. With a healthy order book and a huge brand presence, L&T is a stock one must surely have in the portfolio. That way, you too will feel that you have been a part of the growth story of India!


This is one of the best low priced stocks available in the market today. The potential of the stock has not been recognized by the market, which is probably why it continues to remain low. For all those who wanted to be the “early bird”, Noida is one such stock.

The biggest plus in favour of the company is that the company has about 240 acres of surplus land, of which, about 200 acres is on Delhi side while 40 acres is on Noida side. This land is likely to get developed, for which permission has been sought. This land was valued at about Rs.350 crore in 2002 which is presently valued at close to Rs.1,500 crore. Also company’s toll bridge across Yamuna, a 553 meter bridge, linking Noida with Delhi, where present traffic is close to 1 lakh vehicles per day, is currently one way. Once the route fully becomes two-way, the prospects of the company get even better.

So given the growth prospects of its real estate foray and once the Mayur Vihar-Noida link becomes two-way, Noida Toll is expected to show an even better growth rate. At the current rate of Rs.46, surely there is nothing else you can buy so cheap for Diwali and that too a buy, which is expected to fetch you more money.

BHEL (Rs.2800.)

One of the largest PSU’s amongst the “navratna’s” of India, it could also become the jewel of your crown. An engineering conglomerate, BHEL is in the most advantageous position to take advantage of the current boom in the power sector and the economic growth rate of the country.

BHEL offers, over a wide spectrum of products and services for core sectors including power generation, transmission and distribution; transportation; and oil and gas. as well as the supply of non-conventional energy systems. Over 65 percent of power generated in India comes from BHEL-supplied equipment. Overall, it has installed power equipment with a total capacity of over 90,000 MW.

The company is currently in a virtual monopolistic situation with the Govt’s insistence of awarding all power equipment orders to BHEL. The orders are so much and coming in so fast that BHEL is unable to keep pace with the growing demand for turbines, boilers and spare parts. To cope up with the demand, the company is working three shifts, is trying its level best to step up production and is also trying to outsource low-technology parts. The company had an outstanding order book position of about Rs. 72,600 crore at the end of Q2 FY08.

BHEL is like the cushion in your portfolio, its growth will shield from all the other upheavals. Buy BHEL and see the way in which your portfolio grows.


Now this is indeed one of our favourite stocks and how can any shopping list be complete without the inclusion of GMR Infra? Getting to be recognized as an “airport” company, indeed the biggest strength of GMR today is its ability to develop world class airports. The fact that it won the contract in Turkey to build its international airport.

But it is more than a, “airport” company. The Company has three power projects aggregating 790 MW of which 420 MW is Naptha/LSHS based and 370 MW is natural gas based. It has 6 road projects for about 421 KM of which 3 are annuity and 3 are BOOT projects. And it is the only company having interests in two leading airports of the country - 50.1% in Delhi Airport while 62% is held in Hyderabad Airport.

The biggest plus, over and above all this, is the huge land bank owned by the company in the vicinity of the Delhi and Hyderabad airport. In Delhi airport, company has about 245 acres available for development and that could translate to about 2 crore sq feet or 20 million sq feet and its valuation is pegged at Rs 20,000 crore. In Hyderabad, GMR has totally 5,500 acre, of which 2,500 acres is the airport and the balance is being developed by the company. The two SEZs are being developed by the company in the vicinity of Hyderabad as they have the entire land in and around that. Taking the Hyderabad developable land at 3000 acres, its valuation is expected to be around Rs 25,000 crore.

In the next 3-5 years, GMR Infra will be a much bigger company than what it is today. Be a part of its superlative growth. Buy this stock and just forget all about it for 12 months or so, see the way your money would have multiplied after a year.


Now, why are we recommending Reliance Industries (RIL)? Well, it’s the largest private sector company of India and its fundamentals are the best that you can come across. Also it is the darling of the bourses and a stock which holds market fancy will never fail you. Ask anybody on the street and the most commonly heard dialogue, “you will never loose money on Reliance”, such has been the faith and over a period of time, it has indeed managed to live to its reputation. With 3 million shareholders, it is one of the world's most widely held stock, did you know that trivia?

The various superlatives affixed to the company, by Indian and international media is not without reason. Apart from doing exceedingly well in its core business – petrochemicals and petroleum products, the company’s foray into retailing – Reliance Retail and Reliance Fresh, giving a fresh impetus to its dormant garment business by relaunching the brand “Vimal”, the company can go only one way – up.

Mukesh Ambani is being touted as the richest man on earth and the company’s ranking in Forbes is expected to only go up further when its time to make the report card in December.

As a stock RIL has a lot of momentum. For a long term investor, RIL can prove to be a goldmine and frankly, what’s the point of trading on Dalal Street and not owning the favourite stock of the street?


If bade bhaiyya is doing so well, can chhote do any less? Really, this is one split of brothers, which has created immense wealth for the country and the shareholders. The brothers might have split, but for the man on the street, all that matters is the name tag of “Reliance” and the fact that it is run by the sons of the illustrious Dhirubhai Ambani.

Rcom is undoubtedly one of the best companies in the fold of Anil Ambani. The telecom sector is booming and those in the know say that the best for the sector is yet to come. So keeping the industry prospects and the position of Rcom in the sector, the company is all set for a very fast paced growth, Anil Ambani ishtyle!

With over 35 million subscribers, Rcom is a perfect “new generation” stock to own, to make your profits into wealth. Ring-in to this stock for long term wealth.

Though these Navaratnas have been given as Diwali Shopping List, they can be bought over a period of time, during Samvat 2064, which would definitely be market outperformer and are stocks which can be comfortably held even for a period of 3 – 5 years to have consistent and decent returns.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Stocks for next two three Years

Welcome Moneycontrol Users

Below are the stocks which can give decent returns with a very limited risks.

1) Power

a) Power grid ** Target 250 in two years
b) Power Finance ** Target 600 in two years
c) Cable corp(mix of power & real estate) ** Target 150 two years
d) Siemens ** Target 5000 in two years
e) Havells ** Target 1500 in two years
f) Jindal steel & power ** Target 25000 in two years

2) Telecom

a) Idea cellular ** Target 350 in two years
b) Reliance communications ** Target 2000 in two years
c) Bharti airtel ** Target 2500 in two years

3) Infrastructure

a) Action construction ** target 600 two years
b) GMR infrastructure ** Target 350 in two years
c) Sadbhav engineering ** Target 2000 in two years

4) Real estate

a) Indiabulls realestate ** Target 2000 two years
b) Unitech ** Target 700 two years
c) Parsvnath ** Target 1000 two years

5) Fertilisers

a) Zuari Industries ** Target 1000 in two years
b) Nagurjuna fertilisers ** Target 200 in two years
c) RCF ** Target 100 in two years

6) Steel

a) SAIL ** Target 500 in two years
b) Jindal stainless ** Target 500 in two years
c) JSW ** Target 2500 in two years

Just do your study on these stocks & buy them & seem them moving northwards in next two years!!

For the companies who are diversified in the booming sectors Just visit


Sunday, October 14, 2007

Five stocks to multiply your money in one year

You can easily multiply your money

The below mentioned stocks are well researched & can multiply your money easily in one year.

1) Prakash Industries
2) Unitech
3) GMR Infra
4) Hindustan Zinc
5) Jindal stainless

Just divide your money in these five stocks & see awesome return by next diwali

Happy Diwali & Happy Investing.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Domestic themes may help investors ride out the global volatility

What view should you, as investor, take on the intense volatility in Indian stocks? Well, there are two equally convincing answers.

Strong fundamentals

On one hand, the recent rout in Indian stocks has little do with the fundamentals of the economy or companies, triggered as it is by global factors (mainly fears relating to the US housing market). India Inc. continued to deliver strong earnings growth even in the just-concluded June quarter and growth drivers such as consumption and infrastructure spending appear to be strongly poised.

Companies in the Indian investment universe, except technology majors, also do not have a significant exposure to the US economy or its consumption trends and thus, their earnings may not be directly vulnerable to any US-related slowdown. This view suggests that the recent corrective phase could be a temporary one triggered by panic and that India's strong fundamentals will eventually win over investors (both local and global). If this is indeed the case, any further declines in the coming weeks should actually be used to ferret out buying opportunities in Indian stocks.

Liquidity matters

However, the opposite view can also be argued with equal conviction. Yes, corporate India's fundamentals are quite strong and may even be more resilient than those of other emerging economies. But a deluge of foreign investment in Indian stocks over the past four years has meant this fact is already well-known and is reflected in current stock prices. The recent correction notwithstanding, the stock market continues to trade at a premium valuation to other emerging markets.

What is more, while India's companies do not depend heavily on the rest of the world for growth, its stock market certainly does. With a relatively low domestic participation in equities, it is the steadily increasing FII investments that have contributed in a major way to steadily spiralling stock prices over the past four years. For Indian stocks to resume their upward journey a continued flow of liquidity will be a pre-requisite. And recent global events definitely do have the potential to interrupt these liquidity flows.

In the past week, several non-US banks, financial firms and hedge funds have reported troubles from indirect exposures to mortgages/mortgage securities in the US markets. While debt funded M&A may be the first casualty, a ripple effect could draw in players such as hedge funds, international investment funds, global investment banks and private equity players, all active participants in the equity markets; this is bound to have liquidity implications for equities, especially in emerging markets such as India. This suggests that despite their fundamental attractions, Indian stocks could settle into a prolonged phase of listless or even downward moves.

Caution warranted

These factors suggest that, even if corporate fundamentals do seem positive, caution may be warranted in making fresh equity investments at this juncture. To start with, the decision on whether to indulge in a buying spree, or to simply remain on the sidelines now, should probably be based on the shape of the individual's portfolio.

An investor who has a small or negligible equity exposure, but an appetite for risk, can use the corrective phase as a buying opportunity to peg up this exposure. But one who already has a significant equity allocation in his portfolio (relative to his preferred debt-equity mix) should probably consider staying on the sidelines. Replacing some poor portfolio choices with fundamentally sound stock ideas would also be a good move at this juncture, as it could help reduce the downside risk you carry.

Greater selectivity in stock and sector choices may also be called for while rejigging your portfolio. For instance, despite signs of recovery in this sector last week, it appears wise to limit exposures to technology stocks at present. Though the cap on external borrowings by Indian companies is widely expected to support the rupee, the jury is still out on whether this will be offset, over the medium term, by a falling US dollar or stronger domestic portfolio flows.

The significant exposure that large IT companies have to the global banking and financial services space, by way of clients/business, also suggests that it may be better to wait to gauge the impact of unfolding global events on IT company earnings. On the other hand, the earnings outlook for the domestic banking sector has certainly improved in recent times as the RBI cap on external borrowings last week may lead to stronger credit offtake for domestic banks, lending strength to earnings. However, bank stocks may still be vulnerable to a decline in valuations, arising from any global meltdown in financial stocks.

Given the uncertainties relating to the external environment, investment opportunities in companies with a strong domestic focus may deliver superior risk-adjusted returns for investors.

Domestic themes may pay

Companies focused on lifestyle or consumption driven sectors such as FMCGs, consumer goods or media offer one set of options.

For investors with a higher risk appetite, frontline stocks from the infrastructure and capital goods space (consensus is building that interest costs will not materially impede growth in these sectors), may present good investment opportunities. Phasing out any stock purchases over the next few weeks/months, to take advantage of stock price volatility, may be the best course to follow.

Defensive portfolio: Marico Industries, Glaxo Smithkline Consumer Healthcare, Indian Hotels, Monsanto India and 3M India — stocks that combine a low beta (tendency to move with the markets) with strong earnings growth prospec ts appear good options for conservative investors with a long investment horizon.

Aggressive portfolio: Bharat Electronics, L&T, Maruti Udyog, Idea Cellular and Sun TV — stocks which combine strong growth prospects with a high beta may be candidates for investors with a high risk appetite looking to build a long-term portfolio.


This blog and the opinions/break- outs mentioned therein are for informational purpose only and not a recommendation or an offer or solicitation of an offer to any person with respect to the purchase or sale of the stocks/futures discussed in this report.

I, Ayush Jain , do not accept any liability arising from the use of this blog. The recipient & reader of this material should rely on their own investigations and take professional advice. Subscribers and readers using the information contained herein are solely responsible for their actions and shall not hold the Author liable for any investment decisions/ actions or any other action (including abstaining from action) based on the Content provided. Information is obtained from sources deemed to be reliable but is not guaranteed as to accuracy and completeness. The information provided is based on the theory of Technical Analysis. All levels mentioned, including break-out, target, stoploss are only informative. Trading and investment in stock market is risky and volatile.

The information here may not be reproduced, distributed or published, in whole or in part, by any recipient hereof for any purpose without prior
permission from the author.